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  1. two women with tape measures around their waists

    CoolSculpting vs. Emsculpt

    Non-invasive body contouring treatments have experienced a surge in popularity over the past several years. In fact, demand for these procedures has become so great that manufacturers are constantly developing and releasing technology to help women and men to slim their waistlines and achieved a more sculpted physique. However, this plethora of options can be… Read More

  2. CoolSculpting with Johnny Weir

    American figure skater and fashion guru, Johnny Weir, is on a mission to bring on the COOL during the Winter games. Find out what he’s up to.

  3. I Tried CoolSculpting: Khloe Kardashian’s Secret

    Carrie Dilluvio of E!Online shared her CoolSculpting experience with the world in a column from October of 2016. Spurred by the claims of multiple celebrities, including Khloe Kardashian, that it was their secret to a killer body, she was intrigued. Coolsculpting Is Not a Weight Loss Procedure First, Dilluvio went to the Comprehensive Dermatology Office of… Read More

  4. CoolSculpting: Say Later to Loose Skin and Double Chin

    CoolSculpting’s Newest FDA Approval CoolSculpting has been a well-known and highly demanded non-invasive fat reduction treatment for some time. Most individuals think of the device being used to treat larger areas of the body, but it is also used to reduce a double chin. For many patients with submental fullness, fat and loose skin are… Read More

  5. Debra Messing Says CoolSculpting® is a Game Changer for Body Confidence

    Body Contouring Game Changer Does the CoolSculpting treatment work? Just ask Debra Messing. Self-care with CoolSculpting is just one way that Debra Messing seeks balance and body confidence in her active life. CoolSculpting is the FDA-cleared, non-surgical treatment that freezes unwanted fat away with no surgery and little to no downtime—giving Debra the ability to… Read More

  6. CoolSculpting Success: 7 Insider Tips to Prepare for Treatment

    Tips for a Successful CoolSculpting Experience Excess body fat is a medical and aesthetic concern for many individuals. Fortunately, a treatment like CoolSculpting can eliminate unwanted bulges by freezing and destroying fat cells. CoolScupting is an extremely safe, non-invasive procedure with no-downtime. However, as with any medical treatment, patients should take the necessary steps before… Read More

  7. The Skinny on Coolsculpting

    What is CoolSculpting? It’s an innovative fat reduction treatment that can reduce body fat in a localized area by 25 percent in just a few short sessions. How does the procedure work? It uses the cold to literally freeze and kill your fat cells! Freezing Fat Cells? Sounds Too Good to Be True! CoolSculpting has… Read More

  8. The Latest Options For Freezing Away Your Fat

    CoolSculpting just got better. You may have heard about the popular treatment, which literally freezes and kills fat cells–using the low tolerance fat cells have for cold to permanently delete fat cells from your body. But what you may not know is that CoolSculpting just got better. A variety of improvements, all under the larger… Read More

  9. How Kids Eating Popsicles Changed Fat Reduction Forever

    You might have heard of CoolSculpting, the innovative way to freeze your fat and contour your body with absolutely no surgery or downtime. The popular treatment has a huge buzz in the cosmetic treatment world, recently winning the award for “best all over fat fighter” from New Beauty Magazine in 2017. What you might not know is… Read More

  10. Debra Messing Teams Up with CoolSculpting

    CoolSculpting® and Debra Messing Partner to Inspire Confidence and Cool Moments Actress and Women’s Advocate Named Global Brand Ambassador for Non-Invasive, Fat-Freezing Treatment PLEASANTON, Calif., April 04, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Emmy Award-winning actress, comedienne, women’s advocate and mom, Debra Messing, joins ZELTIQ® Aesthetics, Inc. (Nasdaq:ZLTQ) today as the new Global Brand Ambassador for the… Read More