Tina West, M.D.

My practice is 100% oriented to the highest level of patient satisfaction.

Board-Certified Dermatologist and founder of the west institute

Tina West, MD, PC

Dr. Tina B. West, the founder of The West Institute for Skin, Laser + Body Contouring, is a board-certified dermatologist and leading expert in cosmetic dermatology, laser surgery, and body contouring procedures

For over twenty years, Dr. West has provided her patients in the Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Chevy Chase, MD, areas the most cutting-edge and reliable minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures available, including non-surgical facelift (Facelift in a Syringe™), dermal fillers, Botox & Dysport®, laser skin resurfacing, CoolSculpting®, liposuction, and more. 

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Dedicated to Excellent Service & Top-Quality Results

Due to her artistry, experience, and commitment to her patients, Dr. West has become renowned in the area for producing outstanding and natural-looking results through the expert use of fillers, neuromodulators, and many other non-invasive devices and techniques. Dr. West’s “Skip the Scalpel” philosophy promotes the most advanced, minimally invasive technology to maintain a healthy appearance that never leaves any tell-tale signs that anything was done.

Dr. West values her patients’ time and discretion, which is why she designed her practice to have minimal wait times, comfortable and spacious treatment rooms, a convenient and discrete back entrance, a private reception area, and many other patient advantages. 

Each of Dr. West’s patients meet with her personally in a consultation at which time they can ask questions, learn more about each procedure, and develop the treatment plan that best aligns with their goals. At The West Institute, you should always feel that all the attention is on you and your needs. 

Dr. West injecting patient
A leader in the field

A Pioneer in Non-Surgical Aesthetics

Dr. West was involved in pioneering some of the dermal fillers that came before hyaluronic acid and others in current use. She also co-authored the first article ever published in the medical literature on laser resurfacing of acne scars in 1996, as well as the first study demonstrating the correlation between dose and duration of neuromodulators, among other publications in international peer-reviewed journals and presentations at international meetings. 

Additionally, Dr. West has served as a consultant and injectables trainer for Allergan and Galderma, two of the leading manufacturers/distributors of dermatologic injectables, training other physicians in advanced treatment techniques using Restylane®, Sculptra®, Dysport®, and Botox®. She participated in the original phase III FDA clinical trials for the approval of Botox Cosmetic®.

Based on her experience and her commitment to providing her patients with the best possible results, Dr. West continues to bring the newest and most advanced treatments into her practice.

Distinctions, Awards, and Publications

Practicing since 1996, Dr. West is a fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology and a member of both the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery and the American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery. 

Dr. West has repeatedly received the Patient’s Choice Award, a national award given to physicians for top-quality patient care and service, along with the Compassionate Doctor’s Award, the On-Time Award, and Top 10 Doctor awards in both Maryland and the Washington Metro Area. She has also been designated as a TopDoc in Washingtonian Magazine.

Dr. West is also an accomplished lecturer and author, publishing work in peer-reviewed journals and textbooks on various topics. These include laser skin resurfacing for the treatment of aging and acne scarring, as well as other non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures. Additionally, Dr. West has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Men’s Fitness, Glamour, Washingtonian, Washingtonian Mom, and other national publications

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The West Institute is simply the best option for patients in the Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia, and Chevy Chase, MD, areas. If you would like to personally meet with Dr. West to see how she can help you pursue your aesthetic goals, your next step is to schedule a consultation with her by contacting us online or calling 301-986-9378 today. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

Q & A with Dr. Tina West

Since early on I have always loved science and never thought of any career other than being a physician. I was drawn to dermatology because I find it fascinating that internal health is reflected in the skin. The practice of Dermatology involves making diagnoses through training of the eye as well as viewing pathology under the microscope, and additionally, it encompasses surgery and other in-office procedures.

Before dermatology, I completed an internal medicine residency and Board Certification. I discovered that I enjoyed procedures most of all, which led me to a fellowship position in clinical dermatology research ,followed by the 3-year dermatology residency and Board Certification. Additionally, I’ve always been creative and have always loved art, traits that run in my family. In fact, I’m the only physician, but my siblings and children are all very creative in both visual arts and music.

I enjoy the artistic aspect of facial contouring and the technical aspect of applying lasers and energy-based devices to improve both the health and appearance of skin. The most rewarding aspect of my daily practice, however, is when patients are thrilled with their results and feel attractive and confident.

Personally, I am very focused on looking my best, as well as being fit and strong. Life balance is essential to me, and this benefits my patients because I don’t let myself get burned out. I practice yoga sculpt regularly, and travel for skiing, hiking, live music, and spending time with my college-aged kids. This allows me to feel refreshed and appreciative of not only my patients but also my fabulous staff, who are like an extended family to me.

The West Institute is a clean, fresh space that is welcoming. The office is spacious but warm. I designed the office with patient privacy and discretion in mind by creating a small reception area and nine private patient rooms, with the goal of never having more than one patient in the reception area at one time. We also have two in-office restrooms for patient use as well as a “Wellness” area that is a separate room for our LightStim LED bed and includes the “Beauty Bar” skin prep area for applying active cosmeceuticals enhanced by the LED light.

There are 2 Medical Aesthetician rooms used for advanced, customized medical facial treatments as well as the proprietary Hydrafacial device. There is a body contouring center that houses all of the most up to date CoolSculpting equipment as well as the Z-wave device that has been shown to improve the final results obtained from CoolSculpting. The CoolSculpting suite also has a monitor used for Netflix entertainment during treatment.  Additional treatments offered in our body contouring center include EmSculpt for proven muscle enhancement  anywhere on the body, Cellulaze laser cellulite treatment, and Emsella for strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles in men and women. All of the other treatment rooms are home to  multiple state-of-the-art lasers and energy-based devices.