Brown Spots & Birthmarks

Brown Spots & Birthmark Treatment in Washington, DC, by Dr. West

Candela™ V-Beam® Pulsed Dye Laser

The Candela V-Beam Pulsed Dye Laser (PDL) is the gold-standard laser for the treatment of rosacea, “broken” capillaries, redness, scars, keloids, and vascular birthmarks, such as port-wine stains and hemangiomas. Pulsed-dye laser was the first laser to be developed and is gentle enough to be used on infants as young as a week of age.

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The Candela V-Beam Pulsed Dye Laser may be perfect for those looking to treat rosacea, “broken” or prominent capillaries, redness, scars, keloids, and vascular birthmarks. Dr. West and team will meet with you to identify if this treatment is best to meet your needs and goals.

Improvement is typically noticeable after the first treatment.

How Does It Work?

The Candela V-Beam Pulsed Dye Laser delivers an intense but gentle burst of yellow light to the skin, and the light is specifically absorbed by the blood vessels in the dermis, without breaking the skin. These blood vessels are coagulated and then reabsorbed by the body during the natural healing process. Some patients may feel slight discomfort, but this is minimized by Candela’s dynamic cooling device which delivers a cooling spray prior to each laser pulse.

Most candidates for pulsed-dye laser treatment require one to three treatment sessions (4-8 weeks apart) to achieve maximal results. Dr. West will recommend the appropriate number of treatments needed based on the treatment area/severity of the condition.

Nd: YAG Laser For Pigmented Birthmarks

The Neodymium Yag (Nd:YAG) Laser treatment effectively clears pigmented (tan or brown) birthmarks by using nanosecond pulses of a specific wavelength of light to target melanin granules inside of skin cells.

How Does It Work?

The Nd:YAG laser emits a specific wavelength of light that targets pigmented or tattooed particles under the skin, causing them to be destroyed. Your own skin cells then remove the debris created by the treatment, erasing the spot or tattoo. Depending on the condition being treated, one or more treatment sessions may be required.

Is Nd: YAG Laser Right For Me?

If you have one or more discreet brown spots or pigmented birthmarks, then this laser may be right for you. The Nd:YAG laser is also used to erase professional and amateur tattoos.Dr. West will meet with you to identify if this treatment is best to meet your needs and goals. Results are permanent.

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Melange Chemical Peel

The Melanage™ Chemical Peel is a peel designed to treat hyperpigmentation. A unique blend of chemicals, including retinoids and arbutin, work to penetrate the skin, improving sun damage and melasma, as well as texture, fine lines, and wrinkles.

At the West Institute, we also offer a lighter version of the Melanage Peel, the Melanage Micro Peel. This version lightens, brightens, and evens out the skin tone. It is a great peel for maintenance in between Melanage Chemical Peel treatments or on its own to maintain glowing skin.

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