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How Kids Eating Popsicles Changed Fat Reduction Forever

Tina West June 27, 2017 0 comments 5

You might have heard of CoolSculpting, the innovative way to freeze your fat and contour your body with absolutely no surgery or downtime.

The popular treatment has a huge buzz in the cosmetic treatment world, recently winning the award for “best all over fat fighter” from New Beauty Magazine in 2017.

What you might not know is the crazy story of how it was invented.

The Amazing Appearing Dimples

Scientists at Harvard noticed a strange phenomenon: kids who ate popsicles got dimples on their cheeks. It was common enough, though, to earn itself a name: popsicle panniculitis.

Two doctors, Dr. Rox Anderson and Dr. Dieter Manstein took note. They had also heard of a recent case where a woman rode naked in cold weather on a horse… and lost fat on her inner thighs.

From these two stories, the doctors had an innovative hypothesis: perhaps the secret link causing fat loss was rather simple… the cold!

The doctors set out to test their theory, finding out that cold actually kills fat cells much faster than it can affect other types of body tissue.

This phenomenon would give rise to CoolSculpting.

By Far the Most Effective Treatment

Research has shown that 25 percent of fat in the abdomen can be removed with only one treatment of CoolSculpting.

CoolSculpting freezes away the fat without harming the tissue around it. It can be used on most problem areas of the body, from abs to double chin.

Allergen recently acquired Coolsculpting. Thus, Allergan plans to link Coolsculpting to their loyalty rewards program for repeat patients.

Is Coolsculpting Right for Me?

The procedure, easier than previous fat reduction treatments and largely painless, has become extremely popular.

Because of this, CoolSculpting is attracting new faces to examine their options for fat reduction treatment. Whereas before fat reduction had a reputation as a treatment for women, more and more men are becoming interested.

If you’re interested in the treatment, you should talk to your general physician and find out if it’s right for you. For more information check here or call here.

About KaT Butterfoss, RN

KaT is a Registered Nurse and a graduate of Georgetown University’s Accelerated Second Degree BSN Program.  She also has a BS in Psychology from Penn State and is a licensed esthetician.

KaT has over 9 years of experience in the skin care industry and is passionate about expanding her knowledge of new technologies and treatments in cosmetic nursing.  She strives to provide her patients with high quality, individually-tailored skin care services.

KaT is also proud to be a new mom having welcomed her first child, Chase Alexander, in August of 2015.

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