UltraClear® Laser Skin Resurfacing

UltraClear® Laser Skin Resurfacing in Washington, DC

Dr. Tina West, founder of the West Institute for Skin, Laser and Body Contouring, is the first provider in the Washington metro area to offer UltraClear®, a revolutionary new FDA-cleared laser that represents the FIRST-ever“Cold-fiber” laser. The UltraClear® laser represents a significant advancement in the field of dermatology and laser treatments by being the first resurfacing laser in the world that doesn’t produce heat, allowing safe treatment of ALL skin tones and offering unparalleled results and healing time. Dr. Tina West’s early adoption of the UltraClear® technology is a testament to her dedication to delivering state-of-the-art, advanced care to her patients. Dr. West is one of several physicians in the country to upgrade her resurfacing laser to the next generation of technology represented by UltraClear®, particularly when performed by an experienced, acclaimed professional with almost 2 decades of experience as a leader in the industry.
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What is an UltraClear® Laser?

The FDA-approved UltraClear® Laser is a novel, advanced resurfacing laser that delivers versatile, customized resurfacing treatments with decreased healing times and significant results— all with less discomfort and healing time than ever before.

“I’m honored to be featured as one of the first physicians in the U.S. to offer the UltraClear® laser, which has revolutionized laser resurfacing with its cold-fiber technology.  Having published and lectured on the very first resurfacing lasers in the 90’s, it has been amazing to witness the evolution of laser technology over the decades. Both my patients and I have been thrilled with the minimal downtime and maximal results achieved with UltraClear®.  It has been absolutely incredible to resurface skin with no need for numbing and to be able to improve texture, pore appearance & even out red and brown spots even on the darkest skin types, and even including melasma patients.”

How Does UltraClear® Work?

The UltraClear® Cold-Fiber laser is engineered to penetrate beyond the superficial layers and address skin concerns at multiple depths. It meticulously targets the superficial layers of skin to erase flaws and discolorations. With minimal thermal energy, the laser not only fosters new skin cell growth but also boosts the synthesis of collagen and elastin, the pivotal proteins for skin resilience and suppleness. The outcome is a profound transformation in skin quality, tone, and overall wellness.


Laser-Coring™ is the newest technology in dermatology: the removal of unwanted skin without surgery.  Laser-coring marks a significant innovation in aesthetic medicine by dramatically reducing skin laxity and crepiness on the neck, the jowls, the jawline and even the upper eyelids. Laser-coring’s unique ability to combine tissue removal with laser therapy allows removal of tiny pieces of skin without scarring to  deliver striking improvements to the skin’s texture and firmness.

The advantages of Laser-Coring™ extend to the patient experience: less discomfort as well as a reduction in recovery time, all without compromising results. The precision of this approach reduces thermal damage to offer a safer and more focused treatment experience.

UltraClear® - Safety for All Skin Types

UltraClear®‘s advanced cold-fiber laser technology, coupled with precise energy control, minimizes thermal-induced side effects such as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) and post-inflammation erythema (PIE). This makes UltraClear® safe and effective for all skin types, including those previously considered high-risk, such as darker skin tones.

UltraClear® - Minimal Discomfort, Maximum Results

UltraClear® is unique in it's ability to resurface the skin without heat, resulting in minimal discomfort (0-3 on a scale of 10), minimal downtime, absence of bleeding, and an average full-face treatment duration of just 15-20 minutes for superficial treatments (the most superficial of its treatments is called 3D Miracl). With UltraClear®, just a single 20-minute session can significantly rejuvenate your skin, making your face appear fresher, smoother, and more youthful, with reduced pore appearance.

Before and After UltraClear®


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Downtime Post-Treatment: Tailored to Your Lifestyle

UltraClear® offers a range of treatments based on your desired results and lifestyle. For deeper UltraClear treatments targeting wrinkles above the lip, on the cheeks and other areas, acne scars, or crepey undereye skin a more intensive treatment delivers more significant results in a single treatment session, requiring one week of downtime.

Duration of UltraClear® Treatment Results

Results from superficial UltraClear® treatments are noticeable within 7-10 days. Deeper treatments deliver more significant overall improvement, as well as skin tightening and scar removal.
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Dr. Tina West brings over twenty-five years of experience to her practice as a board-certified dermatologist and leader in cosmetic dermatology, laser surgery, and body contouring procedures. With extensive experience and expertise, Dr. West utilizes unique technologies & techniques to provide her patients with customized, individualized results, making her and her expert team the first choice for laser treatments in Chevy Chase, Bethesda, Potomac, Washington DC,  Northern Virginia, Loudoun County and other surrounding areas. Dr. West looks forward to hearing about your concerns and enjoys decades-long relationships with her patients to keep them looking their best at every age!

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