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Sun Damage and Pre-Cancer Treatment at The West Institute

Fraxel® DUAL is a non-ablative fractional resurfacing laser used to stimulate new collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, which makes skin tighter, plumper, and more elastic. During this process, new skin is brought to the surface, which effectively replaces damaged, discolored skin cells. Fraxel Dual is FDA-approved to reverse sun damage and precancers (actinic keratoses).

How Can Fraxel DUAL Help Me?

The Fraxel Dual laser features two lasers with different wavelengths. One of the lasers targets pigmentation and sun damage, while the other laser goes deeper to target wrinkles, texture, and acne scarring. The energy delivered creates thousands of tiny, deep columns in the skin, stimulating the growth of new, healthy skin cells to replace old, damaged cells.

Is Fraxel DUAL Right For Me?

The Fraxel Dual laser can be effectively used to treat pre-cancers on most skin types; patients must be willing to stay out of the sun pre-and-post treatment. Dr. West and team will meet with you to identify if this treatment is best to meet your needs and goals.

Fraxel DUAL Results

The results of Fraxel Dual are both immediate and progressive. One week after the treatment, the surface of your skin will feel softer and smoother, looking brighter and displaying a more even tone. The next three-to-six months will bring more improvement as the deeper layers of the skin continue to create new collagen. A maintenance regimen of Clear + Brilliant® laser resurfacing treatments is recommended to enhance and prolong the results of a Fraxel Dual laser treatment. If patients continue with an effective cosmeceutical grade skincare routine, the results from the treatment will last for years.

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Other Treatments

Cryotherapy utilizes liquid nitrogen to freeze pre-cancers.

Photodynamic Therapy is a procedure that uses a photosensitizing topical agent + specific wavelengths of light to reduce and/or eliminate pre-cancers.

Topical Prescription Therapy is a combination of prescription medications to reduce and/or eliminate pre-cancers.

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