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  1. Build Muscle and Sculpt Your Body with Emsculpt

    If you’ve worked out with the goal of a toned and sculpted body on your own without achieving the desired results, ask Dr. West about Emsculpt. This revolutionary treatment for men and women builds muscle and destroys fat cells for a sculpted & toned body. Is Emsculpt Right for You? A consultation with Dr. West… Read More

  2. woman's toned midriff

    20,000 Crunches in 30 Minutes, For Real?

    Is 2019 the year that you’re going to get the abs you’ve always wanted? If you’re hoping to achieve certain body goals this year, you’ve probably joined a gym and may have even signed up for a meal delivery service. While a healthy diet and regular exercise are essential to a lean and toned physique,… Read More

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    Can Emsculpt Help Build Ab Muscles?

    If you were hoping for abs this Christmas, you may still be able to get that six-pack. Emsculpt is a revolutionary technology that is FDA-approved to trim fat and tone, strengthen, and firm muscles in the abdomen and buttocks. The non-invasive treatment stimulates muscle hypertrophy without incisions, anesthesia, or downtime, and you can even complete… Read More

  4. woman's midriff with diastasis recti

    All About Diastasis Recti

    Following pregnancy, women are often eager to regain their pre-baby bodies through diet and exercise. However, this is often difficult to achieve for individuals with diastasis recti – a condition that causes left and right abdominal muscles to separate and produce a pooching or doming appearance to the abdomen. It’s particularly noticeable when someone transitions… Read More

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    Emsculpt: Achieve More Than Just a Slim Figure

    Following a clean diet and consistently working out should give women and men the sculpted abs and toned buttocks that they desire. However, if you’ve been sweating it out at the gym to no avail, Emsculpt may be the answer. This non-invasive body contouring treatment is the world’s first and only technology that can burn… Read More