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  1. Build Muscle and Sculpt Your Body with Emsculpt

    If you’ve worked out with the goal of a toned and sculpted body on your own without achieving the desired results, ask Dr. West about Emsculpt. This revolutionary treatment for men and women builds muscle and destroys fat cells for a sculpted & toned body. Is Emsculpt Right for You? A consultation with Dr. West… Read More

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    9 Mind-Blowing Facts About Emsculpt That Will Change the Way You Think About Body Sculpting

    Do you want to lose fat or build muscle? You won’t find a treatment out there that will allow you to do both so you have to choose, right? Wrong! Read on to learn nine mind-blowing facts about Emsculpt and how it’s changing the way we all think about body sculpting. 1. It’s the Only Treatment That… Read More

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    Muscle Building with Emsculpt

    Current body contouring treatments, that solely focus on fat and skin, have left much to be desired for lean and athletic patients who want a more toned physique. However, providers weren’t able to offer a non-surgical muscle strengthening solution until now. We are pleased to introduce Emsculpt–a cutting-edge technology that increases muscle mass in the… Read More

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    Emsculpt Best Non-Surgical Butt Lift Alternative

    Best Non-Surgical Butt Lift Alternative The desire for a firm, round, and shapely backside is nothing new. But it seems as though more and more women are going to extreme lengths, including invasive surgeries, to lift and augment their butts. However, there’s another way to get the behind you want, without surgery or endless squats… Read More

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    What Is Emsculpt?

    Emsculpt in Maryland Body contouring continues to be one of the most in-demand cosmetic procedures. To the extent that many women and men openly discuss their sculpting treatments and even share photos of their sessions on Instagram. One of the newest and most advanced technologies that’s been generating a lot of buzz is Emsculpt. In… Read More

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    5 Reasons to Try Emsculpt

    Non-invasive body contouring has become one of the hottest areas of aesthetic medicine. Until recently, these treatments have only been able to address localized fat deposits through light-based energy, radiofrequency, or cooling. However, Emsculpt is taking the cosmetic world by storm with its revolutionary technology that can not only eliminate stubborn fat, but also build muscle in… Read More