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  1. woman's toned midriff

    20,000 Crunches in 30 Minutes, For Real?

    Is 2019 the year that you’re going to get the abs you’ve always wanted? If you’re hoping to achieve certain body goals this year, you’ve probably joined a gym and may have even signed up for a meal delivery service. While a healthy diet and regular exercise are essential to a lean and toned physique,… Read More

  2. Best Cosmetic Instagram Page

    Instagram can be the worlds greatest hub for beauty and cosmetic inspiration. But, the main downside is that there are so many hashtags, trending topics of the week and popular accounts that it’s hard to know who to follow and more importantly–why? If you’re looking for the best cosmetic Instagram page to fulfill your desire… Read More

  3. Back to School: Feeling Like the Oldest Mom in the Room?

    Back to School… Do You Feel Like the Oldest Mom in the Room? We’re now half way through October and kids are settling into the groove of another school year. But, are you one of the many women who may still be mulling over what you looked like (and felt like) on back to school night?… Read More