Back to School: Feeling Like the Oldest Mom in the Room?

Back to School… Do You Feel Like the Oldest Mom in the Room?

We’re now half way through October and kids are settling into the groove of another school year.

But, are you one of the many women who may still be mulling over what you looked like (and felt like) on back to school night?

Maybe you were sitting there at back to school night for your third child, and next to you was a mom who was there for her first, or maybe you started a little late… either way, many women probably took the time to scan the room and felt like they looked older than others.

Maybe you really are older, or maybe you’re very fit and lean, which ironically speeds up facial aging due to volume loss.

Either way, with modern techniques you can start with “baby steps” and begin to reverse the signs of aging even if you are a wimp!

All of the advances over the past two decades have resulted in techniques and technology that allow us to “prejuvenate” and “rejuvenate.”

Our mothers didn’t have these options–we now know that if we protect our skin from the elements (see our Top 5 Skincare Tips), use just one active product in the morning and another at night, and have some in-office treatments to prevent and reverse sun damage that we all get, we can look fresh and feel great about it.

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