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What Is Emsculpt?

Emsculpt in Maryland

Body contouring continues to be one of the most in-demand cosmetic procedures. To the extent that many women and men openly discuss their sculpting treatments and even share photos of their sessions on Instagram.

One of the newest and most advanced technologies that’s been generating a lot of buzz is Emsculpt. In fact, you may have even seen a few celebrities showing off their amazing abs or toned backsides after undergoing this treatment.

So, what is Emsculpt? Keep reading to learn all about this revolutionary sculpting procedure that simultaneously burns fat and builds muscle.

What Is Emsculpt?

Emsculpt is a non-surgical body contouring treatment that is FDA-approved for fat loss and muscle toning.

It’s the only non-invasive procedure that offers this dual mechanism of action, allowing Emsculpt to produce unparalleled muscle strengthening and firming.

Emsculpt is also indicated for use as the world’s first and only non-invasive butt lifting and firming treatment.

How Does Emsculpt Work?

Rather than using heat or controlled cooling to target fat and skin, Emsculpt delivers electromagnetic waves that act on muscle and localized fat.

Through 20,000 supramaximal muscle contractions, Emsculpt creates conditions under which muscle must adapt to become thicker and stronger.

This activity also causes the release of free fatty acids to breakdown unwanted fat cells.

Who is a Good Candidate for Emsculpt?

Any healthy adult that wants more defined abs or a rounder, perkier backside can benefit from Emsculpt.

The procedure works especially well for women and men that follow a healthy diet and fitness regimen, but are unable to achieve desired muscle toning and definition.

Does Emsculpt Hurt or Have Any Side Effects?

Emsculpt is a painless procedure, without any significant side effects.

Patients are free to recline during the 30-minute treatment, which feels similar to an intense workout. However, rather than sweating it out at the gym, the device does all the work.

How Many Emsculpt Sessions are Needed?

Following a series of four Emsculpt sessions, spaced two-to-three days apart, patients can note an average 19% reduction in fat and 16% increase in muscle mass.

In seven independent clinical trials, 80% of patients saw visible lifting of the buttocks, and the treatment received a 96% patient satisfaction score.

How Quickly Can I See Results?

Results can be noted two-to-four weeks after the last Emsculpt treatment.

Within three months, patients will be pleased to see a slimmer waistline, defined abdominal muscles, and a lifted and firm backside.

These effects can continue to improve for up to six months.

Is There Any Downtime with Emsculpt?

There is absolutely zero downtime after an Emsculpt treatment, and men and women are free to go about their day as they normally would.

However, they may experience mild and temporary muscle soreness the next day, as if they completed a challenging abdominal or gluteal workout.

If you are considering Emsculpt, please call our office today to schedule a comprehensive consultation.