Cary Deuber

Cary Deuber Shows Off Abs Thanks to Emsculpt

Many people recognize Cary Deuber as a reality star, featured on Bravo’s Real Housewives of Dallas.

However, she’s also a certified registered first nurse assistant in a plastic surgery clinic and wife to board-certified plastic surgeon.

With full access to the latest technology, Cary recently decided to take her body to the next level with Emsculpt.

The non-invasive treatment not only firmed and lifted her backside, but it also blasted belly fat and toned muscles in her mid-section.

Cary was so happy with her Emsculpt results that she showed off her amazing abs in a series of before and after photos on Instagram.

Keep reading to learn all about this revolutionary body contouring treatment that burns fat and builds muscle for unparalleled sculpting.

What is Emsculpt and How Does It Work?

Like Cary, many women and men are unable to achieve a defined abdomen and toned backside with diet and exercise alone.

Using electromagnetic waves, Emsculpt targets muscles and fat in these problem areas and forces a series of supramaximal muscle contractions.

These contractions are so powerful that they cause an intense breakdown of fat cells and muscle growth, for a leaner and more sculpted physique.

How Many Emsculpt Sessions Are Needed?

Cary Deuber achieved her remarkable results after undergoing 4 Emsculpt sessions that targeted her abdominal and gluteal muscles.

The treatments were spaced two-to-three days apart, and within a month, she revealed enviably sculpted abs on Instagram.

Does Emsculpt Really Work?

Despite Cary’s impressive before and after photos, some may be skeptical of Emsculpt’s unique toning effects.

That being said, Emsculpt is FDA-approved, and its safety and efficacy were evaluated in seven independent US-based clinical studies, with over 200 patients.

Via photos, measurements, CT imaging, and MRI studies, Emsculpt produced an average 19 percent reduction in fat and 16 percent increase in muscle mass, and 80 percent of patients noted visible lifting of their buttocks. Emsculpt also boasts a 96 percent patient satisfaction score.

If you want to achieve toned abs and a firmer backside without surgery, crunches, or squats, call our office today to schedule a comprehensive consultation for Emsculpt.