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Want To Get Rid Of Flank Fat Fast? Here’s A New Way That Works

Emsculpt for Flank Fat

Let’s face it, working out can be really hard. Some people love the thought of getting up and heading to the gym to get a nice workout in. They even relish the idea of getting a healthy meal afterwards.

On the other hands, some folks just can’t get themselves to do it.

“I have to help the kids do homework” or “I have too much work to do when I get home,” are all recognizable reasons or excuses why people might not be able to make it to the gym.

Many of us can make the time, but we just flat out don’t want to. We would much rather kick back and relax after a long day of work instead of heading out for a run on the treadmill for an hour. Some people get past that initial problem and simply devote their time to making a change. The problem with that becomes if they don’t see instant results it can be discouraging all over again.

So what exactly should people that are having a difficult time losing flank fat do? Well, a new groundbreaking treatment called Emsculpt just might be what you are looking.

Emsculpt treatments are only 30 minutes long and can be done four times within a two-week period. Not only does it flatten the midsection by eliminating fat and building muscle, but it also lifts, rounds and makes the buttocks fuller as well.

So how can a device do all of that exactly?

Once you step into The West Institute, you will speak with one of our medical professionals about the goals that you are aiming for with the help of this treatment. Once that is taken care of the treatment actually begins.

You will lay down flat on your back as the Emsculpt machine is attached to your targeted area. The muscles will then go through a series of contractions that will reach a staggering 20,000 times.

The fat will begin to melt away and the muscle hiding underneath it will be focused on. Your muscles will tighten and begin to get firmer. You can see results in as little as one treatment, but for your best results, four treatments is recommended.

If you are looking to eliminate flank fat or gain a tighter buttocks, call today to schedule an Emsculpt consultation with Dr. Tina West.