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  1. It’s Manuary! Time to Man Up

    IT’S MANUARY: TIME TO MAN UP AT THE WEST INSTITUTE! The calendar pages will turn quickly and summer will be here, again. Put an end to the years of hiding, embarrassment and ridicule. You’ve waited long enough. Now is time for change. For good.  “Growing up I got teased, alot, especially in gym class.  No more. I’m finally ready to take action.”—Jim P…. Read More

  2. January 2017 Specials at The West Institute

    EVER WISHED YOUR HANDS COULD LOOK YOUNGER?… PERFECT TIMING! RADIESSE® FOR HANDS Restore plumpness and elasticity Get rid of brown spots Get back that soft, smooth texture Schedule your appointment on January 18, 2017 to receive $500 off* our complete hand rejuvenation package: Radiesse® dermal filler – Adds back volume that lasts one year or… Read More