It’s Manuary! Time to Man Up


The calendar pages will turn quickly and summer will be here, again.

Put an end to the years of hiding, embarrassment and ridicule.

You’ve waited long enough. Now is time for change. For good.

Photo by Gilly Munavalli
Photo by Gilly Munavalli

 “Growing up I got teased, alot, especially in gym class.  No more. I’m finally ready to take action.”—Jim P.

“I exercise at the gym, try to keep in shape.  I like to use the hot tub or steam room after my work-outs, and I’m always self-conscious when I take off my shirt.”—Dave M.

“I thought wearing shirts a size too large would keep people from noticing, but it didn’t. They still noticed…My golf buddies called them my Tee-Tee’s.”– Paul M.

“A vacation at the beach is supposed to be relaxing.  But I can’t relax! I can’t enjoy myself! I can’t even play in the water with my kids!  I know everyone is looking at them.”—Bill W.

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All photos used courtesy of Dr. Gilly Munavalli