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    Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Dermal Fillers

    Dermal Fillers: Frequently Asked Questions Dermal fillers are one of the most popular non-invasive cosmetic procedures for women and men that want to subtly enhance their appearance without incisions, anesthesia, or downtime. In fact, according to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, over 2 million Botox and filler treatments were performed in 2017, and… Read More

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    4 Tips for Avoiding Lip Filler Complications in Maryland

    How to Avoid Lip Filler Complications According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the incidence of lip augmentation with dermal fillers has increased by 50 percent over the past five years. In fact, lip injections have become so popular, that they are now considered the second most in-demand facial procedure. Nevertheless, while most patients focus on… Read More

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    Lip Fillers: What Are They Really Like?

    Thanks to social media, celebrity endorsement, and improved products and techniques, lip fillers have become one of the most popular aesthetic treatments. Many patients seek these injections for a subtle enhancement of their lips and don’t want to appear over-filled or artificial. To ease concerns and ensure natural and desirable results, individuals considering lip fillers… Read More

  4. Important: Lip Fillers Gone Wrong!

    Lip fillers are quite the cosmetic trend. To be frank, they give a lot of bang for their buck. Lip fillers are affordable. They’re an easy procedure to perform, and patients will have little trouble maintaining them. But there’s also a downside to receiving lip fillers – if you don’t perform your due diligence. Lip… Read More

  5. Best Technique for Under Eye Filler

    Best Technique for Under Eye Filler Dermal filler injections of the “tear trough,” or under eye hollow, requires an advanced injection technique with no room for error and must be performed by a physician who routinely performs this procedure. Although Juvederm, Restylane and Belotero are all sugar-based (hyaluronic acid) fillers and are very similar, there… Read More