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Important: Lip Fillers Gone Wrong!

Tina West May 26, 2017 0 comments 0

Lip fillers are quite the cosmetic trend. To be frank, they give a lot of bang for their buck. Lip fillers are affordable.

They’re an easy procedure to perform, and patients will have little trouble maintaining them. But there’s also a downside to receiving lip fillers – if you don’t perform your due diligence.

Lip fillers Can Stretch Your Skin

Lip Injections Chevy ChaseSay it ain’t so doctor: lip fillers can stretch your skin! For a product that is most often praised for not having side effects and being completely reversible, this might seem especially distressing. But that’s the truth, if you don’t pay attention and make sure to consult with an experienced doctor. Injecting a filler expands the tissue and can permanently stretch the skin. Because fillers degrade over time, and need to be replaced, the skin can begin to sag. And if things get especially bad, you might need lip reduction surgery.

 Kardashian-inspired pout creep

The new style for cosmetic surgery is natural, but it seems that social media has warped our sense of what “natural” is. Millennials increasingly are going to doctor’s offices asking for a natural look, while presenting doctors with incredible, pouty lips.
And while there’s nothing wrong with wanting a Kardashian pout, it’s important to understand that people’s bodies will have natural limits. In fact, patients looking to improve their allure might find that in the case of lips less can be more.
The point here isn’t prudishness, but prudence. Take a thoughtful approach to your cosmetic needs and it’ll pay off. Go in blindly, without doing research or consulting with experts, and there’s potential for danger in the future.
But don’t put away those dreams of pillowy lips. After all, lip fillers are still one of the easiest, safest, most affordable, and most satisfying cosmetic treatments out there. Just make sure not to get too crazy with it.

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