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    Non-Surgical Face Lift with Ultherapy & Infini RF

    Non-Surgical Face Lift in Chevy Chase Facial rejuvenation in Chevy Chase and Washington DC is on many patients’ minds as they get older and begin to notice sagging skin and wrinkles. However, individuals are often cautious about undergoing an invasive procedure like a facelift or neck lift. For this reason, plastic surgeons and dermatologists recommend… Read More

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    Infini: Your Alternative to a Facelift

    Facelift Alternative The formation of jowls and loose, saggy skin in the mid and lower face are all tell-tale signs of aging. Many women and men would like to address these concerns, but are hesitant to go under the knife and have a traditional facelift. Fortunately, there are a number of non-surgical treatments for facial… Read More

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    Can Infini RF Microneedling Give You Smooth Skin?

    Smooth Skin with Infini RF Microneedling Many women and men are on a quest for clear and smooth skin that rivals the glowing complexions in #nofilter photos on Instagram. However, achieving this naturally radiant look usually requires a little help from technology. In fact, celebrities, models, and social media influencers often credit non-invasive cosmetic treatments… Read More

  4. May 2018 Specials

    May 2018 Cosmetic Specials at The West Institute in Chevy Chase, Maryland

  5. I Tried This Treatment for Acne Scars–It Worked!

    Acne and acne scars can have a huge effect on your self-esteem. And while most skin rejuvenation techniques to some degree treat both, for individuals with severe acne scarring, these treatments just might not be enough. Rebecca Snow of Health shared her experience with a new technology called Infini, which combines radiofrequency and microneedling together… Read More

  6. The Top Cosmetic Procedures for 2017

    The Top Cosmetic Procedures for 2017 Are you one of the many people who has a new-look goal for 2017? Most of us want to tweak, nip or tuck here and there, but how do we achieve the look we desire? Dr. Tina West, Board-Certified Dermatologist and founder of The West Institute, has put together her… Read More

  7. Mid-December Reminder: Get Rid of That Turkey Neck

    No-Downtime Options! All of those Thanksgiving leftovers are finally gone! Now you can relax–except when you look in the mirror and you still see a turkey neck! Turkey neck, waddle, double chin, selfie killer, whatever you call it, it can be successfully treated at The West Institute. We offer non-surgical, submental fat reduction methods that… Read More

  8. 4 Effective Ways to Treat “Tech Neck”

    TECHNOLOGY THAT COMBATS “TECH NECK” According to Style Caster, the term “tech neck” has been trending a lot as of late. According to dermatologists, tech neck is the result of constantly bending our necks to look at our phone screens, tablets and computers. That repeated action leads to sagging skin, dropping jowls and creases above your… Read More

  9. 3 Incredible Ways to Tighten, Define and Renew Your Body

    3 TIPS TO TIGHTEN, DEFINE, AND RENEW For the month of August, when you schedule Infini or Ultherapy, receive 10% off a treatment with the new CoolMini INFINI ™ Improve Tone and Texture Finally a treatment that targets crepey skin, fine wrinkles and laxity on the neck (and around the mouth). If you’re like most people,… Read More