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  1. May 2018 Specials

    May 2018 Cosmetic Specials at The West Institute in Chevy Chase, Maryland

  2. Halo vs. AcuPulse

    What is the Difference between “HaloTM” Erbium Laser and “AcuPulseTM” Carbon Dioxide Laser*? *Hint: CO2 can go 10X deeper! Halo is touted by some dermatologists as “one device that does it all, for all patients,” but here at The West Institute we believe that having three different resurfacing lasers gives you more options for a… Read More

  3. The Pre-Oscar Treatment You Must Try

    If you’re like most people who watch award shows, you probably notice the outfits, the makeup and of course–the hair! But have you ever sat back and wondered–I wish I could get a treatment to makes my skin look that good! Well, we’ve got a little secret for you–you can! A number of Hollywood beauties,… Read More

  4. Mid-December Reminder: Get Rid of That Turkey Neck

    No-Downtime Options! All of those Thanksgiving leftovers are finally gone! Now you can relax–except when you look in the mirror and you still see a turkey neck! Turkey neck, waddle, double chin, selfie killer, whatever you call it, it can be successfully treated at The West Institute. We offer non-surgical, submental fat reduction methods that… Read More