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  1. Why Microneedling Is the Next Big Thing

    There’s a lot of ways to rejuvenate your face. There are lasers. (There are so many lasers.) There are chemical peels. And then there are needles. Given all of these options, needles can sometimes seem a bit pshaw. But for a number of reasons, the low-tech (though increasingly high-tech) solution to skin problems is, according to… Read More

  2. Infini Microneedling: Jello Demonstration

    INFINI RADIOFREQUENCY MICRONEEDLING Infini is a unique radiofrequency technology offered at The West Institute in Chevy Chase, MD. This video demonstrates the energy going into the skin at multiple levels/layers and results in collagen tightening at those different layers. To schedule your Infini Microneedling treatment, call The West Institute at 301-986-9378 or click here to… Read More

  3. Infini Microneedling: Tissue Video

    INFINI CHEVY CHASE Infini is unique technology that puts you in control of your skin rejuvenation procedure. You control the treatment depth and energy levels to enable a multi-layered approach for customized treatments, regardless of skin type or tan. Now you can provide the best solution that will keep your patients returning and referring you… Read More

  4. 10+ Powerful Reasons Why You Should Choose Infini Microneedling

    Many people are looking for ways to improve their look. But, for whatever reason–downtime, cost or even misinformation–they never can decide just exactly what treatment is best. Here at The West Institute we believe in providing top-notch information on all of our procedures and that includes the revolutionary Infini RF. Infini is a treatment that… Read More

  5. How Do You Treat Fine Upper Lip Lines?

    Treating Fine Upper Lip Lines with Restylane Silk and Infini RF Do you have fine lines above your upper lip? Among all skin concerns that patients present with, upper lip lines are among the most common and also the most difficult to eradicate. Patients often say, “I have these smoker’s lines and I never even… Read More