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  1. Can an Injectable Treat Cellulite? Here’s What You Need to Know About the QWO Treatment

    The West Institute is proud to be selected as one of only 300 practices in the United States to be included in the early launch of QWO, the first and only FDA-approved injectable that treats moderate to severe cellulite.  Here are several things that you need to know about this innovative cellulite reduction treatment!  What… Read More

  2. How to Defeat Cellulite

    Cellulite Treatment Chevy Chase Cellulite. Everyone has it and not many people know the cause. While many celebrities talk about dealing with cellulite, including Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba, not many people discuss where it comes from. The appearance of cellulite can be manipulated by a number of different factors including aging, hormones, genetics and dramatic… Read More

  3. 10+ Reasons Why Cellulaze Is the Best Cellulite Reduction Treatment

    Cellulite isn’t a fat problem; it’s a structural problem below the skin, and that’s not your fault! So why do so many cellulite treatments focus on treating fat from above the skin? Only Cellulaze attacks the brittle structural bonds beneath the skin that are the real cause of cellulite’s dimpled appearance. And Cellulaze increases your… Read More