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  1. What Facial Areas Can You Get Treated With Botox?

    Botox minimizes brow furrows, crow’s feet, and the glabellar lines between the eyebrows. A few days after your first Botox injections, you’ll start to see these wrinkles fade away. These changes happen quickly and are often dramatic. As you see your results, only one question remains: “What other facial areas can I rejuvenate with Botox?”… Read More

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    Dysport Injections: A Guide to Your Botox Alternative

    With so much attention on Botox, many people are unaware that there are other equally effective neurotoxins available to them. In fact, Dysport can be used interchangeably with Botox, and, in some instances, may deliver quicker and longer-lasting results. If you are considering injectables to rejuvenate your skin, keep reading to learn all about Dysport… Read More

  3. Botox Gets New FDA Approval

    Botox just got approved for use on the forehead… and you might find that incredibly surprising. After all, isn’t the forehead what we immediately associate Botox with? FDA Is Just Catching Up The fact of the matter is that Botox is used for a multitude of purposes that haven’t been explicitly approved, but that doctors… Read More

  4. 3 Things Botox Helps With [Other Than Treating Wrinkles]

    By now, most people are aware of Botox and the awesome benefits it has in the cosmetic realm. For those who don’t know, Botox is the only FDA-approved treatment to temporarily improve the appearance of both moderate to severe frown lines between the brows and crow’s feet in adults. Read on to find out about three… Read More

  5. Video | Shape Magazine Beauty Editor Talks Botox

    Cheryl Kramer Kaye, Executive Beauty Editor of Shape® magazine, shares her experience as a BOTOX® Cosmetic patient. In this three-part video series, Cheryl talks about how she learned about BOTOX® Cosmetic. Considering Botox? Make your appointment at The West Institute. Facebook Twitter Instagram To schedule your consultation with Dr. West, call 301-986-9378 (WEST) today! About… Read More

  6. Botox, Brows and Bronzing “Happy Hour!”

    BOTOX, BROWS, AND BRONZING“HAPPY HOUR”The West InstituteApril 27, 20163:00 – 6:00 pm Time to get ready for vacation! Invite your friends because this event will get everyone gorgeous for summer! Join Us for “Happy Hour” at the West Institute and receive a full facial makeover! Our esthetician, Chelsea Grimes, will offerfree mini-consults on skin care… Read More