Botox Gets New FDA Approval

Botox just got approved for use on the forehead… and you might find that incredibly surprising.

After all, isn’t the forehead what we immediately associate Botox with?

FDA Is Just Catching Up

The fact of the matter is that Botox is used for a multitude of purposes that haven’t been explicitly approved, but that doctors know reliably works. Treating forehead wrinkles is just the most obvious one of those uses.

But another reason culture has unconsciously associated Botox with the forehead is because:

1. Botox is used to treat wrinkles

2. When we think of wrinkles, the forehead is the first body part to come to mind

So the fact that Botox was first approved to treat crow’s feet 15 years ago (and not forehead wrinkles) is just that. A factoid, sort of lost to the ages.

Could it be, too, that the notorious “frozen face” associated with Botox could have held the FDA’s hand longer in approving the treatment for the forehead? Hard to say.

Careful Consultation in the Area

Applying Botox to the forehead requires careful due diligence. According to doctors, if it’s done improperly, it could result in droopy eyebrows, or a ‘heavy’ sensation in the forehead.

Risks like these lead to some emphasizing treatments like lip dermal fillers as even easier and less risky treatments than Botox, but Botox seems to not have suffered much in popularity, staying king of the hill when it comes to cosmetic treatments.

Perhaps it’s because it’s because all press is good press, or that no matter what it’s still an easy and reversible injectable. It might be the fact that there are approximately 1,000 uses for Botox.

Whatever the case, Botox continues to be King, and new uses are found every day. And sometimes even old uses are rediscovered.

Interested in Botox but not sure if the treatment is right for you? You might want to compare if Botox or fillers fit your aesthetic needs better.

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