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Top Anti-Aging Secret for the Summer!

Tina West May 26, 2017 0 comments 0

Everyone knows that sunscreen is the secret to keeping your skin looking young. Unfortunately, it’s one of those things that’s simple to do, but not so easy to do. Applying sunscreen consistently makes sense, but we often don’t just do it. But even those of us who do a pretty good job of applying sunscreen might find that we’re breaking this pivotal sunscreen rule.


The sunscreen rule you’re breaking: apply it indoors too!

You should apply sunscreen even when you stay indoors. Of course, you don’t need it indoors, but all of us underestimate how much time we actually spend outside. If we need to run to the store to pick up some milk, we might end up spending half an hour or so out in the sun. Not to mention ultraviolet rays can penetrate through glass. So unless you keep your curtains shut all day, Nosferatu, you might want to consider applying sunscreen as part of your daily routine.

The other sunscreen rule: reapply every few hours

Sunscreen washes off if you get into water (that is, if you’re swimming) or even if you’re sweating. Therefore it’s a good idea to reapply every couple of hours. Therefore, if you’re just applying sunscreen in the morning and forgetting about it, you would do well to find a reapplication routine that works for you. Sunscreen at every meal? Maybe. Putting a container on the bathroom sink and reapplying every time you stop by? Even better.

How to stay best protected with sunscreen!

Though the recommended number for SPF is 30, some experts say going a bit beyond can be better. After all, most people don’t tend to reapply throughout the day. They sweat and dilute the concentration. So starting out above 30 means you’ll end up coming down to the right number. Besides that, try a mineral sunscreen that doesn’t have too many chemicals, and make sure you cover your face! After all, your face is the most beautiful part of you, and the part you want to keep the youngest.

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