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    4 Tips for Avoiding Lip Filler Complications in Maryland

    How to Avoid Lip Filler Complications According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the incidence of lip augmentation with dermal fillers has increased by 50 percent over the past five years. In fact, lip injections have become so popular, that they are now considered the second most in-demand facial procedure. Nevertheless, while most patients focus on… Read More

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    Best Filler Injector in Maryland

    Best Dermal Filler Injections in Chevy Chase, Maryland Dermal fillers are one of the best ways that women and men can combat signs of aging and subtly enhance their appearance. However, in order to naturally rejuvenate the face and avoid looking over-filled, it’s essential that patients seek the best filler injector in Maryland–Dr. Tina West…. Read More

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    Best Lip Filler Injector in Maryland

    Where Can I Get the Best Lip Filler in Maryland? From plumping to defining to hydrating, patients have a number of reasons for seeking lip fillers. And while their motivation and goals may differ, almost all of them agree that they want natural results. Consequently, many patients realize that it’s necessary to find the best… Read More

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    The Filler Effect

    Dermal Filler Effect You’re going to inject dermal filler there?  That’s the response that many patients have when they present to a cosmetic dermatologist or plastic surgeon with sagging in one area, and the provider recommends filling another part of the face. This technique is known as anatomic filling, and its use is on the… Read More

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    Dermal Fillers: Risks and Safety

    For many patients, dermal fillers offer safe and effective facial rejuvenation without incisions, anesthesia, and downtime. In fact, these cosmetic injectables can correct anything from sagging cheeks to deflated lips, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, aging hands, and under eye circles. What’s more, in the hands of a qualified and skilled injector, dermal fillers have a… Read More

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    Lip Fillers: What Are They Really Like?

    Thanks to social media, celebrity endorsement, and improved products and techniques, lip fillers have become one of the most popular aesthetic treatments. Many patients seek these injections for a subtle enhancement of their lips and don’t want to appear over-filled or artificial. To ease concerns and ensure natural and desirable results, individuals considering lip fillers… Read More

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    Reverse the Signs of Aging with Hand Injections

    Restylane Lyft for Hands When individuals think about combating the signs of aging, their focus is usually on wrinkles, volume loss, and discoloration on their face, eyes, and neck. However, men and women have become increasingly bothered by the appearance of their hands and believe that this part of the body is making them look… Read More

  8. Before & After Dermal Filler with Dr. Tina West [Video]

    Dr. Tina West follows up with Dawn to compare Before & After Photos after her Facelift in a Syringe™ treatment.

  9. Important: Lip Fillers Gone Wrong!

    Lip fillers are quite the cosmetic trend. To be frank, they give a lot of bang for their buck. Lip fillers are affordable. They’re an easy procedure to perform, and patients will have little trouble maintaining them. But there’s also a downside to receiving lip fillers – if you don’t perform your due diligence. Lip… Read More