When Should You Absolutely Avoid Getting Dermal Fillers?

With so many people getting cosmetic treatments each and everyday, it’s easy to overlook the importance of going to a trusted medical professional.

A lot of times people might not realize that while in the hands of a trusted doctor, Dermal fillers and Botox are pretty routine and can correct many issues.

But are they harmless?

Generally speaking yes, but there are certain instances when you should simply avoid getting Dermal filler–and only an expert in the field can determine when you should pass on popular injectables.

While fillers can create a youthful and natural-looking outcome for many people in a quick visit, Dermal filler injections are not necessarily a good option for everyone.

Luckily, we’ve collected some popular instances when you should avoid getting Dermal filler injections.

If You’re Allergic to Any of the Components Within Fillers

“Some dermal fillers contain lidocaine, which some people can be allergic to,” explains Dr. Sejal Shah, a New York city physician.

It is always important to ask your physician if the Dermal filler you are receiving contains lidocaine.


If You’re Pregnant or Breastfeeding:

While there are no official studies which have evaluated the safety of fillers in women who are pregnant, it is important and better to be safe than sorry.

“Women [who are nursing] should avoid fillers,” explains Dr. Shah.

If You Have Any Viral, Fungal or Bacterial Infection at the Injection Site:

For some people, there can be a reactivation of herpes simplex infections, especially when injecting the lips.

“If you have any viral, fungal or bacterial infections, you should avoid fillers to those areas,” said Dr. Shah.

“Post-injection, there is a potential risk of these types of infections developing as well, with bacterial likely more common than fungal or viral.”

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