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  1. 4 of the Best Non-Surgical Body Contouring Procedures for Your Figure

    As non-surgical cosmetic treatments become more accessible and advanced, the demand for effective non-invasive body contouring options continues to rise. Sculpting your body without surgery means avoiding many of the downsides accompanying a surgical procedure, such as incisions, sutures, or downtime. The West Institute’s Body Contouring Center is fully equipped with the most advanced, gold-standard devices and… Read More

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    Get Rid of Saggy Skin Without Surgery

    How Can You Get Rid of Saggy Skin Without Surgery? Skin laxity is a hallmark sign of aging and can cause the entire face to look like it’s falling. While this sagging may gradually start with the cheeks, in time, it affects the lower face and leads to the formation of folds and jowls. In… Read More