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  1. Want to Restore Your Skin? Try Microneedling!

    Nothing says youth like a radiant and glowing face. As we age, our collagen production essentially stops, and our face in particular starts to show it. From wrinkles, to acne, to pigmentation issues, to maybe just a crepey appearance, a number of aesthetic issues naturally pop up. That’s where Microneedling comes in. You may have… Read More

  2. Infini: Discover Amazing Results Without Laser Resurfacing

    Infini RF delivers amazing results without the downtime of laser resurfacing, which is something that Dr. Tina West, founder of The West Institute in Chevy Chase, MD says has been sought after for years. The high intensity focused RF Microneedling offers a unique technology which enables a multi-layered approach for customized treatments, regardless of skin… Read More

  3. Video | Dr. West Treats Patient with Infini RF

    Infini RF Can Tighten Skin and Address Fine Lines With No Downtime Dr. Tina B. West, founder of the West Institute, talks about Infini RF. Infini RF is a treatment that uses radio frequency to improve skin elasticity. Dr. West discusses the treatment and demonstrates it on a patient. https://video.realself.com/services/player/bcpid2764084504001/?bctid=4504159703001&autoStart=false&width=480&height=270View popular Skin Rejuvenation videos WHY… Read More