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  1. UltraClear® Cold-Fiber Laser Resurfacing

    UltraClear® is the NEXT GENERATION, FIRST- OF-ITS-KIND “COLD FIBER” LASER. What’s so cool about “cold fiber?”…. well, everything!  Ever since the first resurfacing laser was invented in the 1990’s, the goal has been to figure out how to remove the excess heat that the lasers delivered that necessitated numbing cream, and also led to prolonged… Read More

  2. Clear+Brilliant Laser at The West Institute in Chevy Chase, MD

    Dr. Tina West, Board-Certified Dermatologist and founder of The West Institute, offers Clear + Brilliant laser treatments in Chevy Chase, Maryland. In this video, a patient discusses her experience with the Clear + Brilliant procedure at The West Institute. Click here to learn more about the benefits of Clear+Brilliant and contact us today to schedule… Read More

  3. The Awesome Treatments That Are So Good You Won’t Need Makeup

    So Good You Won’t Need Makeup Believe it or not, the latest beauty trend is going makeup-less. If that sounds a bit intimidating, you’re not alone. But celebrities are inspiring women the United States and overseas to take selfies without makeup to show off that they can look naturally pretty. Interestingly enough, this has affected… Read More