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  1. 3 Costly Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make After Botox

    There are tons of articles on the web about the awesome results you’ll get from a quick Botox session–which usually only lasts about 10 minutes. But, there aren’t many people that will tell you the things you shouldn’t be doing after your Botox or Dysport treatment. Read on for three costly mistakes you definitely don’t… Read More

  2. Botox Gets Continued Support for Migraine Headaches

    Botox Injections for Migraine Headaches Botox has received more support for the usage of treating migraine headaches. The American Academy of Neurology (AAN) is the latest group to back the use of Botox to treat migraine headaches (per Harvard.edu). According to Allergan–the company that makes Botox–3.2 million Americans live with Chronic Migraine, a neurological condition that amounts… Read More