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No Botox Shaming for Stassi Schroeder

Whether on Vanderpump Rules or her podcast, Stassi Schroeder is known to speak her mind and be extremely open with her fans. This transparency extends to her fondness for cosmetic procedures, including a chin implant that she received as a high-school graduation gift.

More recently, Stassi revealed that, after getting Botox for the past seven years, she has the treatment down to a science and is not about to let anyone, even a boyfriend, shame her about it.

Here’s why there’s no Botox shaming for Stassi Schroeder.

When Did Stassi Schroeder Start Getting Botox?

Stassi Schroeder made the decision to get Botox injections when she was 23 years. Since then, she has routinely been undergoing preventative Botox and believes that she’s achieved the perfect combination of smoothing wrinkles and maintaining her facial expressions.

Whether she’s on tv or in her everyday life, the reality star says it’s important for people to know how she’s feeling. Schroeder also emphasizes that, despite the common misconception, Botox isn’t about freezing your face. Rather, it’s meant to eliminate wrinkles and help users look like more refreshed and youthful versions of themselves.

No Botox Shaming for Stassi

True to her candid nature, Schroeder also asserts that she’s not a fan of Botox shaming. In fact, she feels strongly about staying true to herself and doing what makes her look and feel her best.

For that reason, Schroeder says she wouldn’t date anyone that made her self-conscious about using Botox or undergoing cosmetic treatments in general.

Why Do Younger Patients Like Stassi Schroeder Decide to Undergo Botox?

Like Stassi, many younger patients are seeking Botox to improve how their skin looks with and without makeup as well as to combat signs of aging.

Additionally, a majority of millennials view Botox as a normal part of their beauty regimen, similar to a haircut or manicure. Consequently, Botox and other non-invasive treatments are more openly discussed among this group of patients.

As the stigma surrounding Botox and cosmetic procedures continues to fade, we can expect an increasing number of young women and men to embrace injectables and stand up to Botox shaming as Stassi Schroeder has done.

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