Introducing Our NEW Antioxidant Serum

Skin Better Science

Skin Better Science has just launched the latest, scientifically advanced breakthrough antioxidant serum on the market. Alto Defense Serum was designed to achieve the broadest range of antioxidant protection from oxidative stress, which we all encounter every day from environmental pollution and UVA/UVB/IR radiation. 

In my own personal experience as a lifelong beach girl (I grew up at the beach and still love to spend time in the sand and water every summer weekend)I’ve noticed a significant difference in my skin this summer since using this new product. 

As an Aesthetician working with a dermatologist, I’ve know that applying an antioxidant prior to zinc oxide-containing sunscreen provides a “double barrier” since the antioxidant reverses some of the damage from the sun that gets through the sunscreen. But now that I’ve switched from the vitamin C serum that I was using to Alto Serum, with its 19 powerful antioxidant ingredients that work together to fight free radicals, I come home from the beach without the brown patches that I always used to see even with zinc sunscreen.

In addition to quenching free radicals (the aging molecules that our skin produces in response to sun + pollution), Alto serum also inhibits collagen degradation, improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, enhances skin radiance and reduces the appearance of pigmentation and redness. Alto Defense Serum has been proven in clinical trials to reduce UV- induced redness and improve skin tone, as well as sensitive skin conditions such as rosacea.

Alto Defense Serum contains vitamins C, E, and coenzyme Q10 to neutralize free radicals caused by the environment and the sun. In addition, it contains several “superfood” extracts: acai, turmeric, cocoa, green tea, chloragenic acid, grapeseed and Mediterranean olive. The ingredients coffee and saffron enhance the skin’s vitality and radiance. Peptides, licorice extract and fatty acids brighten and enhance skin moisture and barrier protection

It is very important to use a potent antioxidant serum in conjunction with a physical sunblock every day- to not only add more SPF, but also to protect against all environmental stressors. Most people notice a revitalized complexion and improvement in fine lines in as little as 4 weeks after beginning daily use of Alto Defense Serum.

Chelsea Grimes, Aesthetician

Chelsea is a licensed aesthetician and a graduate of the Aveda Institute in Washington DC.  In conjunction with her aesthetic experience, Chelsea completed her Nursing education and received her LPN in 2010.

Chelsea has over six years of aesthetic experience in both the plastic surgery and dermatology field.

Chelsea’s intention is to share her passion and knowledge for aesthetics to help people achieve optimal skin health goals and feel better about themselves. She believes there is nothing more rewarding than helping people feel more confident in their own skin.