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  1. How Long Does Kybella® Last?

    Do you struggle with a double chin and wish for a non-surgical solution to get rid of it permanently? Look no further than Kybella®, the revolutionary injectable treatment designed to eliminate unwanted fat in the chin and, jawline. Understanding Kybella® and How It Works Kybella® is an injectable treatment comprised of deoxycholic acid, a naturally… Read More

  2. How to Take Care of Your Skin After Laser Resurfacing

    Caring for your skin after laser resurfacing is essential to achieving the best results. But what does your skin need during recovery? If you receive laser rejuvenation at the West Institute, we’ll provide detailed post-treatment instructions at the time of your procedure, and our team will be available to answer questions or concerns that arise… Read More

  3. Kybella before and after

    Kybella for Your Double Chin

    If you began a new fitness regimen this January, you’re likely starting to see positive changes in your body, energy, and overall well-being. Despite this progress, you may be frustrated by the lack of improvement in your double chin. In the past, liposuction would have been your only option to remove this stubborn submental fat… Read More