Top 5 Skincare Tips for the Ultimate Smooth Transition to Fall

Top 5 Skincare Tips for a Smooth Transition From Summer to Fall

1. Wear Sunscreen

Contrary to popular belief, sunscreen is not for summer only!

While this may come as a surprise, don’t go by the SPF number. Instead, look for ZINC toward the top of the ingredients.

There are so many choices, you’re bound to find one that suits your skin: tinted, clear, oil-free.


Medical Grade – INTELLISHADE


2. Antioxidant

It only takes a second–we promise! The first thing that should go on your skin after you wash your face in the morning is an antioxidant–this will amplify the sun protection of your sunscreen like a double-shield against sun damage.

Beware–not all antioxidants are created equal. Our favorite is the one with the most science behind it, Phytoceuticals’ SuperHeal Olive Serum.

Dr. Mustafa Omar, the creator of Phytoceuticals, is the scientist who first discovered how to formulate Vitamin C in way that allows it to penetrate into the deeper layers of skin, where it has its effect.

Dr. Omar’s patent is the one that was originally held by Skin Ceuticals but is now found exclusively in the Phytoceuticals product.

3. Retinoid

Retinoid Maryland

This is the gold standard that makes your cells act like younger cells!

If you’re not pregnant, nursing or trying to get pregnant, then you should be using a product that contains retinol or a prescription retinoid at least three nights a week, all year ’round, every year.

And for even more collagen and elastin stimulation, Dr. West recommends using the newest and most innovative product we’ve found, Alastin Restorative Complex.

We guarantee that you’ll see improved tone, texture and glow with a retinoid/Alastin regimen.

4. Reversing Summer Sun Damage

September through April you’ll find our Fraxel DUAL laser firing non-stop… after all, who didn’t get a little bit blotchy or gain a few new brown spots over the summer?

Everyone wants spend time outside during summer, whether its golfing, hiking, swimming or just hanging out.

Fraxel DUAL is the treatment that’s right for almost anyone wanting to clear summer sun damage, shrink pores and get a gorgeous glow before the Holiday season hits!

With only a few days of a sun-burn like effect (no real downtime), it’s the perfect treatment to rejuvenate your skin during the fall and winter months.

Read more about Fraxel DUAL

5. Melasma

The Melanage Mini Skin Brightening System is a superficial peel with a combination of retinol, azelaic, lactic, and phytic acids designed to improve melasma, hyperpigmentation, texture, fine lines, and wrinkles.

This peel is ideal for those looking to improve photodamaged and uneven skin tones. What really makes this peel unique is that it is tolerated by all skin types.

After the peel is applied it is followed by a seven-day skin care regimen included in the peel kit that leaves the skin bright and glowing.

Results will vary, but generally patients will see a significant improvement in the skin appearance.

Although most patients experience peeling, not every patient will notice this. If you do not experience actual peeling, please know that you are still receiving all of the benefits of the Melanage Brightening System, such as: improvement of skin tone and texture and the diminishing of fine lines and wrinkles.

Proper skin evaluation by your doctor and licensed Aesthetician prior to your peel is important and will help predict the outcome.