Stave off Those Fillers: The Easy Drew Barrymore Method

Drew Barrymore Reveals Her Skin Care Tips

If you want to stay looking young, take a line from Drew Barrymore. Following her lead, the trick to anti-aging treatments is to try and use the least invasive treatments first.

After all, if you truly want to age slower, the best thing you can do is to try and stay healthy and prevent the aging in the first place.

Like people who are biologically younger than their calendar age, doing some basic skin care will keep your skin younger than your number.

Hitting the Basics

Drew Barrymore Skin Care Tips

To keep off the blemishes, Barrymore opts for the simple and clean approach when it comes to the face. Use a mild cleanser and some toner.

In fact, she uses a brand we all know: Cetaphil.

But she admits that at 41, she gets brown spots from sun damage. And that’s even if she’s putting on sunscreen as much as possible.

But don’t interpret that the wrong way. Putting on sunscreen’s the baseline: if you want to keep your skin young, apply your sunscreen and protect yourself from UV rays.

Sometimes, however, that might not be enough. She recommends Christine Chin brightening serum as an easy way to minimize brown spots.

To Use Fillers or Not?

For now, she’s not immediately interested in using fillers as a method of facial rejuvenation. It’s not that she’s against them in principle–but she wants to use the least invasive options possible so long as they keep her looking young.

So when Barrymore visits the dermatologist, she actually uses Clear+Brilliant laser skin treatment. It’s a simple and easy process that removes blemishes–and she gets away with doing it just once a year.

As she puts it: the Clear+Brilliant laser treatment is like removing the barnacles off the bottom of a boat.

Choosing the right type of treatment for you is a complicated process that should be done with the consultation of a doctor. Many cosmetic treatments available today are very easy processes, but it’s all up to personal preference and the desires of the patient.

After all, some patients, like Drew Barrymore, might feel a bit skivvy about injectables–but another set of patients might be less interested in laser treatments.

To find out what kind of treatment is right for you, call us today to schedule your appointment.