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Infini RF Microneedling: What to Expect

Men and women that have experienced acne in their teens and adulthood know that breakouts can be frustrating and take a toll on their appearance and self-confidence.

However, when a pimple is particularly deep and/or does not heal properly, it can result in acne scars and permanent depressions in the skin.

While some patients have become adept at concealing these scars, others readily admit that they’re a significant aesthetic concern that they would like to correct.

Fortunately, Infini RF Microneedling is a non-surgical treatment that takes a dual approach to eradicating acne scars and improving skin tone, texture, and tightness.

Here’s what it’s like to target acne scars with Infini RF Microneedling.

What Is Infini RF Microneedling and How Does It Work?

Infini RF Microneedling is a multi-tasking device that can lift skin, diminish wrinkles, and minimize acne scars. It works by delivering radiofrequency to different layers of the skin, including the collagen-rich dermis, with a series of ultra-fine needles.

This combined effort provides precise heating of tissues for controlled thermal damage. As a result, Infini RF triggers a wound healing response to stimulate new collagen and elastin.

Why Is Infini RF Microneedling a Safe and Effective Way to Eliminate Acne Scarring?

Infini RF Microneedling is able to target and eliminate acne scars that occur at different depths in the skin. More specifically, the device’s adjustable needles, power, and radiofrequency allow for a customized remodeling of tissue from the inside out.

It’s also safe for all skin types, and can therefore treat at deeper levels without the risks associated with many laser resurfacing devices.

What to Expect From an Infini RF Microneedling Treatment?

Prior to treatment, a topical anesthetic is applied to the face for 45-60 minutes. It may be followed up with local lidocaine injections as well.

The actual Infini RF Microneedling process takes approximately 15 minutes and is virtually painless thanks to the numbing prep.

Once the procedure is complete, patients can resume all normal activities right away. Nevertheless, they should avoid excessive heat and perspiration for 48 hours and wear a daily broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least a 30 SPF.

Is There Any Recovery Associated With Infini RF Microneedling?

There is no downtime associated with an Infini RF treatment for acne scarring. Patients may note some blistering on skin for 5-7 days, which will resolve on its own. It’s important to allow the skin to heal and not pop or pick at blisters.

For optimal results, a series of three sessions spaced four weeks apart is recommended.

To learn more about Infini RF Microneedling and achieving a non-surgical facelift in Chevy Chase, MD, please call The West Institute today to schedule an appointment.