Immortal or Alien? The Secret to Jennifer Aniston's Look
Immortal or Alien? The Secret to Jennifer Aniston's Look

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Immortal or Alien? The Secret to Jennifer Aniston’s Look

Tina West November 3, 2016 0 comments 18

I can tell when people have filler and I’m afraid to do it because I don’t want to look like that. Sound familiar?

Here the absolute best way to make sure that you get what Jennifer Aniston is getting.

Really… When you’ve seen this beautiful woman–America’s sweetheart, who perennially looks like the girl next door–it’s probably never occurred to you that she “does” anything.

Is she immortal or an alien?

Not likely. The reason that Jennifer Aniston’s face looks the same on the 2008 cover of Vogue that it looks today is that she has gradually been replacing the volume in her face as she’s been losing it over time.

Starting in your 30’s with an experienced dermatologist who uses dermal fillers all day every day in their practice will ensure that you have a balanced, natural result.

The people who have the great filler treatments, once a year to keep up with volume loss, are the ones you don’t know have it.

They just look younger than their age, which is something you can’t detect unless you actually know their age.

That is still somehow the best kept secret, and now you know!

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