I Tried IPL for My Sunspots and Here Is What Happened

Over at Glamour, Megan Guntashaw shared her story of getting IPL treatment for sun spot removal. If you don’t know, sunspots are pigmentation changes caused in the skin by UV Ray damage–they end up looking a lot like freckles.

They’re more common in individuals with fair skin, and some find that they don’t like the way they look and turn to Intense Pulsed Light treatments to get rid of them.

IPL is a form of cosmetic treatment therapy that uses intense broad-spectrum light to heat and destroy skin anomalies such as sun spots. The author of the article and recipient of the procedure went specifically to get rid of sun spots.

What Was the Treatment Like and How Much Did It Cost?

Like many laser and light treatments, IPL takes a few sessions to get full results. In the case of IPL for sun spots, about three or four.

Immediately after the procedure, the author noted how much darker the sun spots got at first. And, as part of the process, they also scab at first. This can be a bit scary, but it’s all part of the treatment and it is important to follow post-treatment instructions which include not picking or scratching off any scabs.

And the result?

Lighter Sun Spots

If you’re looking for total eraser of the spots, you will definitely need to invest in a few treatments. One treatment however will likely make your spots a great deal lighter. This is usually perfect for most patients’ aesthetic concerns, especially considering the little-to-no-downtime associated with IPL.

If you’re interested in getting IPL treatment, make sure you do your research and meet with a reputable medical professional like Dr. Tina West of The West Institute.

Want to know more? Call The West Institute in Chevy Chase MD today to schedule your appointment to discuss if IPL is a good treatment for you.