Debra Messing Freezes Her Fat and She’s Not Ashamed

Debra Messing CoolSculpting

Lately, celebrities have been taking it as a matter of conscience to be a bit more open about their use of cosmetic treatments.

While, of course, it’s perfectly a matter of celebrities’ lives to hush plastic surgery or cosmetic treatment questions with perhaps a wink to the camera, some, like Debra Messing, have opted to be trailblazers.

Messing, as a Global Ambassador for the CoolSculpting brand, is quite open about using CoolSculpting to “have fat frozen off my body and three months later I can feel a little bit better in a bathing suit.”

Letting Young Girls Know No One Ages Perfectly

Messing feels that there’s a myth floating around in young girls’ heads, that actors in Hollywood have simply been born looking perfect and stayed that way forever.

Like the rest of us, she feels this is a bit dangerous. It’s no secret that plenty of Hollywood stars use quite a bit of cosmetic treatments to stay looking divine, but that is, perhaps, a thought that you only wrap your head around when you’re older.

To put it simply, she’s not embarrassed to let people know the ways she improves herself.

CoolSculpting as a Way of Contouring the Body

CoolSculpting is an excellent example, because it helps to know exactly how celebrities might keep the fat off.

Of course, when it comes to health and fitness, diet and exercise are the two most important words in anyone’s vocabulary. But, frankly, when it comes to the contour of the body–specifically when we’re talking perfect Hollywood actress curves–tools like CoolSculpting can sometimes be more powerful.

Because CoolSculpting can cause spot reduction of fat, as opposed to global reduction, fat that specifically gathers in “problem areas” can be reduced. This has a contouring effect that diet and exercise doesn’t.

While it’s important to pair CoolSculpting with diet and exercise to maintain a healthy life style, it’s important for casual observers of Hollywood–especially young girls–to realize just what kind of tricks stars might have up their sleeves.

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