Clear+Brilliant Success: Caitlin O’Connor’s Beauty Results

Clear+Brilliant: Beauty Expert Caitlin O’Connor Dishes on Her Treatment Experience

Clear+Brilliant is one of the hottest non-invasive treatments on the cosmetic market.

The gentle laser treatment is hailed as a revolutionary skincare treatment which helps fight the effects of aging skin.

American actress, model and notable boxing ring girl, Caitlin O’Connor, is known for her flawless skin and she recently opened up about her experience with Clear+Brilliant.

Clear+Brilliant Results
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“I started looking into some skin treatments for my larger pores and some acne scars,” said O’Connor.

Like many people, the 26-year-old was also looking for ways to battle the signs of anti-aging before they’re really visible.

“I wanted to start preventative measures for anti-aging skincare, as I was turning 25 and had spent a lot of time in the sun.”

While there are other treatments that may help those seeking more drastic results, such as Fraxel for acne scars and IPL for visible sun damage, Clear+Brilliant is an excellent treatment to introduce into a regular skincare routine.

Clear+Brilliant really hangs its hat on patient comfort, something that O’Connor can attest to.

“My pain level is minimal. I would say about a 4 out of 10, with 10 being the most painful. I definitely feel a hot sensation, but it is not too painful,” said O’Connor.

Clear+Brilliant treatments can help improve tone and texture and give your skin a radiant, youthful glow. O’Connor says that after a handful of treatments she’s already noticed a substantial difference.

“I have done six treatments so far and have seen the most results after the final three treatments. It definitely helps with my pore size and the redness in my skin. The redness in my skin has almost disappeared completely and my pores are much smaller than before!”

O’Connor stresses that the Clear+Brilliant procedure is only a part of her regime, with environment and diet also being important factors to her skin’s success.

“I take very good care of my skin, and I pride myself on it because I had bad acne as a teen. Now, I get compliments wherever I go, especially from people in my industry who see my skin up close—like makeup artists, photographers and hair stylists. I also don’t drink alcohol very often and I don’t smoke cigarettes. Environment and diet have a huge affect on our skin.”

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