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Best Botox in Washington DC and Maryland

Tina West October 6, 2016 0 comments 107

Who Should You Trust to Give You Botox in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area?

Botox Washington DC: Dr. Tina West offers Botox in DC-metro area at The West Institute.

Botox is a prescription medicine that is injected into muscles and used to temporarily improve the look of both moderate to severe crow’s feet lines and frown lines between the eyebrows in adults.

While the Washington DC-metro area is filled with doctor’s who offer Botox injections, not many have the experience that Dr. Tina West has.

Dr. West, board certified in Dermatology with 20 years of experience in cosmetic and laser skin treatments and body contouring, uses her artistic skill along with her extensive experience and knowledge of anatomy to offer balanced Botox results that keep you looking refreshed and rejuvenated, not different and overdone.

Dr. West has served as a consultant and injectable trainer for Allergan and Galderma, training other physicians in advanced treatment techniques using Restylane, Perlane, Scupltra and Dysport as well as Botox.

Botox Maryland

Dr. West is the one of Washington DC and Maryland’s busiest providers of dermal fillers and Botox for facial contouring, treating patients for long-lasting results, and offering minimal wait times along with complimentary laser treatments that zap bruises and speed healing time after injectable, laser and skin tightening treatments.

The West Institute is located in Chevy Chase, MD, just a few steps from the Friendship Heights metro station on the red line.

Whether you’re in Maryland or Washington DC, The West Institute is ideal for a top-notch Botox experience.

Cost of Botox in Maryland

Whether you’re looking for the best Botox in Los Angeles or Maryland, you should be ready to ask questions, including cost.

Although it’s natural to look for a great deal, opting for Groupon or too good to be true deals (like FREE Botox) is not a good idea.

As a patient, it is your right to ask the difference between practices who offer Botox by site or Botox by unit.

As Washingtonian Magazine notes, a good injector will keep your unit numbers and sites/areas in your patient file for any future visits.

You can always discuss whether you feel the amount of Botox you received was too much or not enough and if you want more areas treated.

Botox Specials in Maryland

The West Institute offers different specials each month–including some of the best special offers for Botox.

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Choosing a Provider for Botox in Washington DC and Maryland

As New Beauty mentions, when a neuromodulator like Botox is overused or injected in the wrong area, you can end up looking frozen.

Dr. West has the experience and expertise to offer long-lasting results. Botox is a technique-sensitive treatment and when it is administered correctly, you should not lose the ability to show expression.

Dr. West has long been a well-kept Washington DC secret, with many of the area’s most prominent faces trusting her to keep them TV-and-gala ready with no tell-tale signs.

From our concierge front desk staff to our prompt return of phone calls, no other practice in the Washington, DC area prioritizes the level of service and patient comfort like The West Institute.

Just read our patient reviews to see why people keep coming back to us.

About Dr. Tina B. West

Dr. West is a board-certified Dermatologist and leading expert in cosmetic dermatology, laser surgery and body contouring procedures.

Dr. West participated in the original phase III FDA clinical trials for the approval of Botox.

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