Anti-Aging Treatments Without Downtime

Anti-Aging Treatments Without Downtime

Live from Chicago at ASDS 2015, Dr. Tina B. West, founder of The West Institute in Chevy Chase, MD, discusses valuable information regarding what you can do to make yourself look better with little to no downtime in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and beyond!

“We have so many great procedures and devices [without downtime],” said Dr. West during the live Real Self video interview.

Dr. West stresses that when you’re looking to have cosmetic procedures done such as Botox and Fillers, it is important to see a Board-Certified physician with experience.

“As we all know it [cosmetic procedures] can look unnatural when they’re done the wrong way,” said Dr. West.

Aside from Botox and Fillers, Dr. West discusses popular treatments that require little-to-no downtime, such as CoolSculpting, Infini and more!

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About Dr. West

Dr. Tina B. West, founder of the West Institute, has served as a consultant and injectable trainer for Allergan and Galderma, training other physicians in advanced treatment techniques using Restylane, Perlane, Scupltra and Dysport as well as Botox.

Dr. West is a board-certified Dermatologist and leading expert in cosmetic dermatology, laser surgery and body contouring procedures.

Dr. West participated in the original phase III FDA clinical trials for the approval of Botox.

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