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Acne Scar Treatments in Maryland

Tina West February 27, 2017 0 comments 5

What’s the Best Technology for Acne Scars?

Technology moves fast, and sometimes in different directions. Patients are often distressed about acne and acne scars and although this is very common, acne scars should be properly diagnosed by a medical professional.

Even with many different possible options, patients interested in finding out the best acne scar treatment still may find themselves confused.

Topical creams, over the counter medicine or something else–the true question is what option should you take?

Lasers, usually used in conjunction, have become the norm for acne scar treatment–providing great results and very little downtime.

But even if the patient decides on laser treatment, they may not know which specific technology and practices are best. For example, what kind of laser is best?

For many patients, our AcuPulse Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing treatment works best. Studies have shown that CO2 lasers had the best results for improving the texture of the skin and causing a tightening effect.

Although CO2 lasers aren’t the only option. At The West Institute, Dr. Tina West will evaluate your skin and recommend treatment with the following devices, alone or in combination, depending upon the specific type of scarring, skin type, and amount of social downtime available:

  • Pulsed Dye Laser
  • Fraxel laser
  • Fractional Carbon Dioxide Laser
  • Infini Radiofrequency Microneedling

Best Practice for Acne Treatments in Maryland

Acne and the resulting acne scars are two of the biggest barriers to confidence. Making sure you find the right health care professional is vital.

The medical professionals at The West Institute have the expertise to give you the best treatment options available.

You can find the best technologies and practices, such as AcuPulse Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing and Infini Microneedling, for acne scar treatment Maryland.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. West to learn which of our lasers is right for the treatment of your acne scars.

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