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Nd: YAG Laser System

Nd: YAG Laser System

Many patients visit The West Institute wishing that there was a device that would more aggressively treat stubborn pigmented lesions.

One of the best systems for this is a high peak power Q-switched 1064 / 532 nm laser. Unlike other lasers, it uses photo-acoustic shock waves that are formed by pulsing the laser energy in nano-seconds. This breaks up the pigment very safely and effectively and then it is absorbed by the body.

This type of laser is very popular in the far east for treating pigmented lesions on Asian patients. This skin type is easy to hyper-pigment so using acoustic shock waves to break up the pigment is the safest way to go. This also makes it a popular choice for treating Hispanic patients.

The Q-switched 532 wavelength is also effective for treating stubborn superficial vascular matting.