Find out What Kim Zolciak Revealed She Had Done to Lift Her Saggy Jawline
Find out What Kim Zolciak Revealed She Had Done to Lift Her Saggy Jawline

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Find out What Kim Zolciak Revealed She Had Done to Lift Her Saggy Jawline

Tina West November 28, 2016 0 comments 19

Kim Zolciak Reveals She Had Cosmetic Treatment to Lift Her Saggy Jawline… As Well as Botox and Fillers!

Reality TV star Kim Zolciak recently told Bravo’s The Lookbook that she had popular ultrasound treatment, Ultherapy in February to tighten the skin on her chin.

Zolciak, 38, underwent the non-surgical FDA approved procedure to better define her jawline.

Ultherapy uses ultrasound technology to shock the skin’s collagen into rebuilding and banishing double chins by lifting and firming up sagging skin.

Kim admitted some discomfort from the technique but mentioned how the numbing cream helped.

One of the original real housewives, Zolciak hasn’t been shy to share her experience with Botox, a tummy tuck and fillers to her lips.

While on a recent visit to Los Angeles, Zolciak got a cosmetic makeover from Beverly Hills’ Dr. Simon Ourian, who is widely known to treat the Kardashian sisters.

Zolciak posted a video on Instagram after Dr. Ourian injected Botox, lip fillers and butt injections to remove dimples and cellulite to really “smooth her tush,” as she said online.

Her 19-year-old daughter, Brielle Biermann, was also seen to have a fuller pout after the LA trip.

The Bravo star has five other children. After giving birth to six in all, she had a tummy tuck in 2014 to repair stomach muscles and for a hernia.

Zolciak wanted to make it clear to her followers on Instagram what the reality of a tummy tuck is.

“I wear the same size jean that I wore in high school,” said Kim. “And NO a tummy tuck doesn’t make you skinny!”

In the meantime, Kim is struggling to deal with time away from her loved ones.

Her two youngest sons, KJ and Kash, started school on the same day and her  husband Kroy Biermann, 30, just signed with the Buffalo Bills after eight seasons with the Atlanta Falcons so he hasn’t been around as much as she’d like.

But, they were reunited recently in New York and Kim was happy to share the moment on Snapchat.

“You guys, I love my husband,” Zolciak gushed on social media, fuller lips and all! 

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