CoolSculpting vs. SculpSure: 11 Important Facts [Infographic] - The West Institute
CoolSculpting vs. SculpSure: 11 Important Facts [Infographic] - The West Institute

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CoolSculpting vs. SculpSure: 11 Important Facts [Infographic]

Tina West August 6, 2016 0 comments 89

11 Facts of Fat Freezing: CoolSculpting vs. Sculpsure

The first question people ask when considering body contouring is, ‘how does CoolSculpting really work?’

While freezing fat may sound strange, it is clinically tested and has a long history.

SculpSure, which melts fat, is another body contouring option for people who are looking to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat.

Check out these 11 fast facts about the CoolSculpting and SculpSure treatments, an FDA-approved procedure which eliminates stubborn fat safely.

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About Dr. Tina B. West

Dr. Tina West, founder of The West Institute, has served as a consultant and injectable trainer for Allergan and Galderma, training other physicians in advanced treatment techniques using Restylane, Perlane, Scupltra and Dysport as well as Botox.

Dr. West is a board-certified Dermatologist and leading expert in cosmetic dermatology, laser surgery and body contouring procedures.

Dr. West participated in the original phase III FDA clinical trials for the approval of Botox.

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KaT is a Registered Nurse and a graduate of Georgetown University’s Accelerated Second Degree BSN Program.  She also has a BS in Psychology from Penn State and is a licensed esthetician.

KaT has over 9 years of experience in the skin care industry and is passionate about expanding her knowledge of new technologies and treatments in cosmetic nursing.  She strives to provide her patients with high quality, individually-tailored skin care services.

KaT is also proud to be a new mom having welcomed her first child, Chase Alexander, in August of 2015.

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