5 Benefits of Cold Laser Treatments with UltraClear

The West Institute is proud to announce that we now offer the world’s first cold fiber laser.  UltraClear® laser treatments are rapidly becoming the most sought after choice for skin rejuvenation because of the reduced downtime and side effects made possible by delivering laser energy without excessive heat, a long-time goal in laser physics.

Here are five incredible benefits of using UltraClear® for skin rejuvenation:

1. High-Resolution Skin Resurfacing

UltraClear®’s cold laser beams are designed to treat ANY skin type to precisely remove damaged epidermal cells, clearing surface irregularities and evening skin tone. This novel laser treatment promotes the growth of fresh, smooth, healthy and radiant skin cells. Unlike traditional laser resurfacing, UltraClear® minimizes thermal-induced side effects including  discomfort and prolonged healing to deliver consistent and superior results… the most superficial treatments with this laser do not require numbing (a FIRST in laser resurfacing) so this is a truly “lunchtime” treatment and many areas can be treated during the same quick treatment session.

2. 3D Collagen Remodeling

UltraClear®  treats not only the skin’s surface, but also rejuvenates it from within. By delivering controlled thermal injury to the dermis, the UltraClear® laser triggers the skin’s self-healing process, leading to the stimulation of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. This 3D collagen remodeling process tightens and rejuvenates the skin, making it look youthful and fresh while greatly reducing the risk of post-treatment pigment alterations in darker skin types.

3. All-in-One Solution for Multiple Skin Layers

UltraClear® treats multiple skin layers to reverse the signs of aging. Vaporization of dull and damaged skin cells and stimulation of new collagen and elastin production leads to smoother, healthier, clearer and refreshed younger looking skin.  Pores appear dramatically minimized and tone is evened out.

4. Four Modalities for Individualized Treatments

UltraClear®’s advanced technology offers a range of treatment options tailored to the patients’ unique needs, lifestyle and skin type. With four different modes – Clear Mode, Clear+ Mode, Ultra Mode, and UltraClear Mode – this technology can address any and every skin concern, including texture, sun damage, blemishes, fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and scars in ALL skin types. UltraClear®’s revolutionary cold fiber technology allows for treatments ranging from quick skin refreshment to deep rejuvenation and collagen remodeling for every skin type.

5. Immediate and Long-Lasting Results

The advanced cold fiber technology of UltraClear® provides immediate results with the additional benefit of continued improvement over time. Whether subtle enhancement in younger patients or dramatic transformation in those with deep wrinkling due to photoaging or even acne scarring, patients enjoy better skin without extensive downtime.

Ready to Experience the Benefits of UltraClear® in Chevy Chase, MD?

For those looking to experience the benefits of UltraClear®, Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Tina West is an expert you can trust. With over two decades of experience in cosmetic dermatology, laser surgery, and body contouring procedures, Dr. West offers advanced, non-surgical treatment options that help patients look younger naturally and subtly. She is committed to delivering natural-looking results and ensuring complete patient satisfaction. The West Institute welcomes you for a friendly and informative consultation, where Dr. West will help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Investing in UltraClear® treatments with Dr. West could be your pathway to radiant, youthful skin. Simply call (301) 986-9378 or contact us online to get started today! Dr. West’s vast experience and dedication to patient care make her an ideal choice for those seeking to enhance their appearance with the latest innovations in skin rejuvenation.